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Foreign Policy bloc

The Foreign Policies Bloc, based on the above introduction, shall convey to the world the real identity and image of the Republic of Lebanon by putting forth a multifaceted farsighted “Foreign Policies Strategy” that gives it enough back-up to reinforce its presence internationally, to deter any external intervention/aggression and bolsters its economy.

كتلة السياسة الخارجية



Statement of Work

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Standard Operating Procedures - SOP

The rules, processes, and procedures for a good governance of the platform for change.

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Bloc Coordinator

Makram Zeenny Makram Zeenny

Bloc Members

Ghoufran JneidGhoufran Jneid
Rania MradRania Mrad
Katia BoueiriKatia Boueiri
Ghinwa Al maisGhinwa Al mais
Veronique KhabbazVeronique Khabbaz
Elias GhanemElias Ghanem
Elian GhalebElian Ghaleb
walid Abou Samahwalid Abou Samah
Najwa BaroudiNajwa Baroudi
Diva ChbeirDiva Chbeir
Jean-Luc ImbertJean-Luc Imbert
Joseph RoukosJoseph Roukos
Cezar EmanuelCezar Emanuel
Rabih El HajjiRabih El Hajji

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