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200722 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting

Bloc’s Name: Foreign Policies Bloc

Coordinator’s Name: ********

Date: July 22, 2020

Guest Speaker : ********

Attending Members:

Najwa Baroudi, Diva Chbeir, Jean-Luc Imbert, Walid Chahine, Michel Baaklini, Joseph Roukos, Rabih El Hajji, Makram Zeenny

Summary of Meeting Minutes:

     A) Introduction of members

     B) Check interest of absent members to join or not

     C) Convene on Scope and statement of work (SOW) and allotting tasks where needed

Subjects of discussions and decisions:

     A) After the attendants got acquainted with each other they convened on using this first meeting to start by setting a plan of action.

     B) It has been decided to rely on Yasmine, with thanks, to probe Mohammed Serhan, César Emmanuel, Wajdi Tabet and Serge Gergi their intention to be active or not. Rabab Obeid had already voiced her impossibility to join the team. Yasmine as per the SOP and being an appointed Lead Coordinator shall do the necessary to delete the names of those who do not wish to join from the bloc’s webpage.

     C) A set of ideas were thrown on the table for discussion by Makram Zeenny and after in-depth review by all attendants they convened on the following:

          a. First the bloc needs to set the image of Lebanon that the Foreign Policies should convey to the outside world.

          b. The members have identified and convened on the various themes of Foreign Policies that should be covered in order to convey the image of Lebanon.

                  i. Political / Diplomatic

                 ii. Economical / Commercial

                iii. Cultural / Social

                iv. Diaspora’s management

          c. Write the SOW and upload it on the webpage after finalizing point “a” and it should contain the basis of the themes in point “b”

          d. After fixing the SOW the bloc will set the strategies to follow to implement the foreign policies of the themes by country of interest. The list of countries of interest will be decided after having made researches and studies on the historical, economical, military, cultural, and presence of the Lebanese Diaspora in the target countries.


  • Najwa and Diva shall be bringing in all possible information related to what citizenship means for the Lebanese and which kind of systems (political, economical, etc…) the citizens wish to abide by based on the themes stated in point “C-b” which will help in the preparation of point “C-a”.

  • Yasmine to cover point “B” and supply us with the appropriate input.



  • Next meeting: Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 16:30 at the NB premises. Yasmine to help, with thanks, to secure the conference room.

  • Members can attend online or physically.

  • Maximum duration of next meeting 2 hours.