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20210430 Meeting Minutes

Bloc’s Name: Foreign Policies Bloc

Coordinator’s Name: Makram Zeenny

Date: 30/04/2021

Guests: Tamara Al Mousharrafiyeh

Attendees: Najwa Baroodi, Walid Chahine, Rabih El Hajji, Veronique Khabbaz, Makram Zeenny

Distribution: All attendees and absentees


Summary of Meeting Minutes:

  • A quick geopolitical round up discussion
  • Reviewing booklet cover and title and discussing Chapter 1 (Syria)


Decisions and To Do Lists with Time frame:

1- The attendees convened that the title of the book should be reviewed and a suggestion was submitted: “An innovative Foreign Policy for Lebanon”. Members were asked to submit other possibilities of title during the week.

2- Chapter 1 – Syria: A suggestion was made to merge the assessment and recommendation parts into one under the title “Lebanon and Syria relations”

3-The members should focus on adding more out-of-the box ideas with regards to the recommendations

4- Photos should be added in the book after having finished from the body copy.



Next meeting agenda

  • A quick presentation on power point will be done by MZ tackling the “Cyberspace” topic
  • Review new suggestions and decide which title to choose regarding the title
  • Najwa, Walid C and MZ will review the full chapter 1 as per the ideas mentioned in points 2 & 3 above


NEXT NEETING: Friday May 7, 2021 at 18:00 (Same Zoom Link)