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200729 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting

Bloc’s Name: Foreign Policies Bloc

Coordinator’s Name: ********

Date: July 29, 2020

Guest Speaker : ********

Attending Members:

Najwa Baroudi, Diva Chbeir, Walid Chahine, Michel Baaklini, Rabih Matar, Walid Abou Samah, Makram Zeenny, Yasmine Al Majzoub (As Lead Coordinator of Afaal)

Summary of Meeting Minutes: Please review MoM of June 22, 2020 for reference

    A. Check interest of absent members to join or not

    B. Set the way to start writing the SOW of the bloc

Subjects of discussions and decisions:

    A. Yasmine shall revert as Afaal is planning to go through all the persons that are dormant or not attending or not interested and will revert soonest

    B. After thorough discussion and interventions, the members decided to refer to the first page of the actual constitution (Supplied by Najwa) in addition to positive neutrality and other points that members can bring about the table to write the SOW. This SOW, which contains a definition of the identity and image of Lebanon that the foreign policies should convey, will be the base of the other topics that will be set in the coming meetings. (Namely Politic, diplomatic, economic, social and diasporas)

    C. After the SOW is set the members decided that the Foreign Policy of Lebanon towards Israel should be tackled first.


  • Yasmine to cover point “A” and supply us with the appropriate input hopefully during the next meeting.

  • All members: To propose their SOW by writing during the next meeting for discussion

Agenda of Next meeting:

  • Report from Yasmine (If available)

  • The SOW

  • Select a coordinator as per the SOP

NB:  -     Next meeting: Wednesday August 5th, 2020 at 16:30 at the NB premises.

  • Yasmine to help, with thanks, to secure the conference room.

  • Members can attend online or physically.

  • Maximum duration of next meeting 2 hours.