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20210527 Meeting Minutes

Bloc’s Name: Foreign Policies Bloc

Coordinator’s Name: Makram Zeenny

Date: 27/05/2021



Attendees: Najwa Baroodi, Ghinwa AL Mais, Veronique Khabbaz, Walid Chahine, Elie Ghanem, Rabih El Hajji, Makram Zeenny


Distribution: All attendees and absentees and Tamar Al Mousharrafiyeh


Summary of Meeting Minutes:

  • Theme discussed: Gaza latest events
  • Distribution of next target countries


Decisions and To Do Lists with Time frame:


  • The attendees discussed and analysed the events of Gaza and its repercussions on Lebanon.
  • The next target countries are KSA and Israel. Teams have been distributed as follows:
    1. Israel: Najwa, Walid C. and Makram
    2. KSA: Ghinwa, Elie and Rabih El Hajji
    3. Support for documentation and research: Veronique
  • Chapter 1 Syria is approved.


Next meeting agenda


  • A quick presentation on power point will be done by MZ tackling the “importance of maps in geopolitics” topic
  • Up-Date on work


NEXT MEETING: Thursday June 3, 2021 at 19:00