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Environment & Sustainable Development bloc

كتلة البيئة والتنمية المستدامة


Reviewing, developing and strictly enforcing laws relating to the environment, climate change and natural heritage while gauging the environmental impact of each law or project, and adapting renewable energy techniques. Protection of cultural heritage and historical sites Protection of natural resources Renewable energies Access to public space Air pollution Public transport Urbanism and architecture

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Standard Operating Procedures - SOP

The rules, processes, and procedures for a good governance of the platform for change.

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Bloc Coordinator

Fadlallah Dagher Fadlallah Dagher

Bloc Members

Razan GhrayebRazan Ghrayeb
Farah Farah Al AshkarFarah Farah Al Ashkar
Nadine SamahaNadine Samaha
Elias GhantousElias Ghantous
Hasan JaafarHasan Jaafar
Costantine BerberiCostantine Berberi
Rawan RamlawiRawan Ramlawi
Walid SleimanWalid Sleiman
Jean Claude SeropianJean Claude Seropian
François NourFrançois Nour
Jinan TerroJinan Terro
Hisham AbdoHisham Abdo
Andrea FahedAndrea Fahed
Diana HachichoDiana Hachicho
Nadim MardiniNadim Mardini
Lyna MarounLyna Maroun
Georges KadoumGeorges Kadoum
elie bou faysalelie bou faysal
Walid TamariWalid Tamari
Antoine AtallahAntoine Atallah

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