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The Bootcamp!

Thanks to FNF and AFAAL for making it happen!

We wrapped up the first day of the bootcamp after 3 great sessions on communication, public speaking, leadership and team building. However, Siyasiyyat is not only about the training sessions, but rather about the great bonding between these amazing female politicians that are going to lead the future.

Our second day was all about elections and conflict resolution with great trainers, followed by a discussion on the hardships women face while in politics.
The time spent with these leading women was definitely inspiring!

We wrapped up the first round of Siyasiyyat. A combination of online workshops and a 3-day bootcamp in which we met 23 amazing leaders who are bound to change the future, and a batch of skilled trainers that contributed to the success and excitement of this program. And at the wrap up of this first round, we are confident that what makes Siyasiyyat different is not only its trainings, but it is rather the building of a solid community of unstoppable females.