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With the current crisis (decrease of imports and devaluation of the LBP), the economy of Lebanon will drastically change in the coming years. Some sectors will grow naturally: agriculture, food, tourism, energy, manufacturing and tech. But the Lebanese industries are not ready to face the challenges and respond to the local demands. Even more worrisome is that neither the government nor the financial system can assist the Lebanese industries to grow in this critical time. We will create a Solidarity Fund to gather funds from the diaspora and resident investors and invest in the Lebanese crisis economy.

رواد الأعمال


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Rami Alame Rami Alame

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Nadia SafaNadia Safa
Khalil FawazKhalil Fawaz
Riad AkikiRiad Akiki
Jad AwadaJad Awada
Sarah-Jane FahedSarah-Jane Fahed
Anthony BehlokAnthony Behlok

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