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Standard Operating Procedure - SOP

The “Afaal Snowflake Platform for Change” (Afaal) is an open, inclusive, decentralized, democratic, and collaborative community engagement tool.  It is open to all who aim to create the Lebanon of the future or make a difference in the present situation. This platform is a non-profit, it is neither made for products or services selling or any other commercial activity nor it will be permitted to do so.

Originally an initiative of the “National Bloc” (NB) party, Afaal is now a spin-off that abides by its own rules enunciated in this Standard Operating Procedures document (SOP).  Afaal will become totally independent with its own moral identity, executive board, and bylaws, expected in December 2021, once all administrative and governance issues have been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Interior.  Until then, the NB will serve as its patron legal entity, providing required resources   

Members of Afaal shall find in this document the standard operating procedures that will guide them to efficiently achieve their aims. Members are requested to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned here below, they are also requested to respect the non-reversible principles and ethos mentioned in point 2.2 and the 20 codes of conduct mentioned in point 2.3.  The rest of this document gives the details of the rules, and the method of work of Afaal.