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Public Health bloc

كتلة الصحّة العامة


Reviewing, developing and strictly enforcing laws relating to the public health, wellbeing and prevention while gauging the impact of each law or project, and adapting to new public health challenges.

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Standard Operating Procedures - SOP

The rules, processes, and procedures for a good governance of the platform for change.

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Bloc Coordinator

Mohammad Serhan Mohammad Serhan

Bloc Members

Israa AwadIsraa Awad
jana obeidjana obeid
Amina Al HoussariAmina Al Houssari
Maria ZogheibMaria Zogheib
Rita MorcosRita Morcos
Cezar EmanuelCezar Emanuel
Mohammad SerhanMohammad Serhan
Issam-Joseph KhairallahIssam-Joseph Khairallah
Bayan SerhanBayan Serhan
Elie HelouElie Helou
Mia Malda AtouiMia Malda Atoui
Christelle RahmeChristelle Rahme
Ali RammalAli Rammal
Rafic BaddouraRafic Baddoura
Charbel FadelCharbel Fadel
Charbel HobeikaCharbel Hobeika
Alexis AtallahAlexis Atallah
Tarek SouaidTarek Souaid
Rabih SaidRabih Said
Rami ChamounRami Chamoun
Iman NocariIman Nocari
Maria El KoussaMaria El Koussa
Krystel Ouaijan KassatlyKrystel Ouaijan Kassatly
Walid HallassouWalid Hallassou

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