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Online Workshops!

The goal of this program is to get YOU ready for elections.

The online workshops along with the power skills bootcamp sessions are exactly what you need to kickstart your political career and become among the Siyasiyyat of tomorrow!

Day 1: ☑️
Very interesting discussion with @halimekaakour on breaking the barriers, and @joelleabufarhat on personal branding; with a Great Crowd of Future Female Leaders!

Day 2: ☑️
Our second day of the online workshops has ended after 2 great sessions, the first about negotiating and debating with @miladhad , and the second on the Lebanese Electoral System and Law with Jean Hanna.
Today was a combination between essential soft skills and basic technical knowledge on the electoral system, and the interactive crowd that includes 30 amazing women will definitely be rocking the political world.

Day 3: ☑️
The last day of online workshops was very interesting with trainer Julia Kallasi, who talked about online and traditional harassment and tackled how to combat them.
It was among the most interesting, but there’s much more to do in next week’s bootcamp, and we look forward to meeting up with all these amazing women in person!