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Minutes of Meeting 200213

- Abdulhalim Jabr
- Jad Essaily
- Yasmine Dagher
- Yasmine Majzoub
- Iman Nocari
- Ali Rammal
- Mohammad Serhan
- Roger Mjaes (attending for 30 minutes)

1. Checking and discussing minutes of last meeting
2. Target activities on Impact vs Feasibility, and what kind of activities?
• How do we asses the project we will be implementing?
• What are the battles we need to go in? (projects we need to stop)
Ex. Park facing Hotel Gabriel in Achrafieh or Hasan Khaled park in Aisha Bakkar
• What are the projects that can be used to show bad governance?
• Is Horsh Beirut a good project for engagement and collaborations?
3. We want a quick success story.
The case of Horsh Beirut changed after October 17th
4. Working in cities is more vital, we need to pick small projects that have an impact.

For next meeting:
The committee will be checking for spaces in cities, with a 1-3 minutes pitch by each team.
- Tripoli (Jad + Mohammad)
- Beirut (Yasmine D + Iman)
- Saida (Yasmine M)
- Nabatieh (Ali Rammal)

Next meeting will be held on Monday at 7h30 pm in the conference room in the HQ.