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Meeting Notes 02032020

Attendees: Hadi Kahale – Fadi Hayek – Raymond Kassatly – Rabih Mattar – Ralph Haddad – Lea Traboulsi – Lyna Comaty (facilitator)

Points discussed:

The discussion revolved around brainstorming initiatives to boost the private sector            

  • Tax incentives
  • Financing/capitalization
  • Export promotion
  • Import substitution
  • Creating employment/alleviating unemployment

The group was most interested in initiatives of export promotion, which were further brainstormed.

Next steps:

For next week, we need to answer the following questions:

- What export sectors are most promising?

- In these sectors, what are the stakeholders that are present and need support? (SMEs, national institutions, etc.?)

- What type of needs do these have?

- What are the criteria of selection of these structures we want to support?