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Politics & Governance bloc

كتلة السياسة والحوكمة


Establishing an effective state that represents its voters and guarantees their best interest, through respecting constitutional provisions, implementing the principle of separation of powers and the accountability and liability system. Constitution State institutions Elections Independence of the judiciary

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Standard Operating Procedures - SOP

The rules, processes, and procedures for a good governance of the platform for change.

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Bloc Coordinator

سلام يموت سلام يموت

Bloc Members

Fatima RezaieFatima Rezaie
Charbel HajjiCharbel Hajji
Mosleh Al boueryMosleh Al bouery
Alexandra AbsiAlexandra Absi
walid Abou Samahwalid Abou Samah
Assaad SakrAssaad Sakr
rabih al hajjirabih al hajji
Patrick AzrakPatrick Azrak
Maria MikhaelMaria Mikhael
Rabab ObeidRabab Obeid
Elyan FaresElyan Fares
Joseph RoukosJoseph Roukos
Izzat Al AyoubiIzzat Al Ayoubi
Khalil WakimKhalil Wakim
Ali RammalAli Rammal
Rafic BaddouraRafic Baddoura
Daoud MattaDaoud Matta
Fadi AbouJamraFadi AbouJamra
Tyan MabelTyan Mabel
Rami ChamounRami Chamoun
Mario KhalilMario Khalil
Diva ChbeirDiva Chbeir
Bassam tueniBassam tueni
Mia AtouiMia Atoui
Makram ZeennyMakram Zeenny
Walid ChahineWalid Chahine
Tracy NehmeTracy Nehme

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