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Code of Conduct

1. Human values prevail on all other considerations 

You shall always show solidarity and act towards social unity. 

2. National interest is the only constant.

You shall build every thought upon it and place it above everything else. 

3. Communication is the only way to move forward.

You shall remain respectful while stating your opinion. 

4. Honesty is key.

You shall avoid any conflict of interest and stay honest towards yourself and others. 

5. Ethics

You shall use SF Electronic platform in a thoughtful and decent manner. It is meant to be a tool to facilitate work, not to manipulate or expose. 

6. Results oriented.

You shall fully be responsible of accomplishing the entrusted tasks. 

7. Promote citizenship.

You shall eradicate the principle of sectarianism by applying that of citizenship on all tasks. 

8. Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

You shall not discriminate but instead respect the diversity of other members and remain open to their differences.  

9. Respect of assets.

You shall not trespass, tamper or vandalize private or public property 

10. Boundaries are set by the other party.

You shall not commit any act of harassment. 

11. Reform is progress.

You shall respect all rules, regulations and procedures and seek to update them when needed. 

12. Collaboration is key.

You shall always be ready to help other members and give genuine guidance. 

13. Every member is a unique

You shall respect and protect his/her rights and privacy.

14. Every member is an asset.

You shall deal fairly with people in general, and your fellow members in particular. 

15. Integrity is required in all endeavors.

You shall be transparent in all issues, most importantly those related to profit and gain (Money, gifts, etc.). 

16. Innovation is achieved through constructive opposition.

You shall always acknowledge and respect other members’ right to disagree  

17. Modesty propels higher.

You shall use personal privileges to help others, not to influence them. 

18. Set the example.

You shall not abuse of your position to make personal, material, or moral profits  

19. Democracy is a healthy competition.

You shall acknowledge and vouch for the democratic process and accept victory or defeat (Especially while performing or taking part in any electoral process). 

20. Appeals committee's decisions are final.

You shall not intervene or challenge them.