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20200803 - Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting - 20200727


Bloc’s Name: Public Spaces

Coordinator’s Name: Yasmine Dagher

Date: 03 of August 2020

Guest Speaker: None

Attending Members: Online meeting

  • Mohammad Serhan
  • Yasmine El-Majzoub
  • Yasmine Dagher
  • Marie Michele Hayek
  • Abdul-Halim Jabr
  • Jad Essaily
  • Krystel Medawar


Summary of Meeting Minutes:

We started working on a list of actions / stunts we could do in Public Spaces.

  • Cinema El Hayy / Cinema Beirut – In collaboration with AFAAL Beirut Bloc: a few month ago, an initiative called “The Drive Inn Lebanon” was created. They are organizing drive inn cinemas in nine different cities, and started with Jbeil (Two weekends, 16 movies, and over 1500 viewers). Abdul-Halim, and Yasmine D. will contact them for a collaboration within Beirut.

The Drive Inn gives all proceeds to NGOs in need. The Public Spaces Bloc will help promote this organization as well as Public Spaces in Beirut.

  • Art in Public Spaces (Jad Essaily): Showcasing Art in Public Spaces. Jad, with the help of Krystel, will contact several artists, and see if they are interested into creating art pieces, sculptures, or other forms, in different public spaces.

This could give a new image to neglected spaces, as well as encourage the said space, and promote local artists.

Marie Michele will gladly help on the creation part.

  • Barter / Troc Market in Public Spaces (Marie Michele Hayek): First, this stunt will be renamed “Flea Market” or “Garage Sale”, since we can’t fully rely on barter (each item has a different value). This project will be left as our last stunt, due to the Covid-19 situation (a Flea Market will attract lots of people…).

For those three projects, we will first start a small project plan, to present to Pierre Feghali (Beirut Municipality). A meeting between Pierre and the Public Spaces Bloc should happen at the end of the month, to discuss the space availability, and propose our plan.

Moreover, the Public Spaces Bloc, which was under the Environment and Sustainable Development Bloc, will now be under the Urban Policies Bloc (that is part of the Environment and Sustainable Development Bloc) – Details in the diagram below.

Finally, the Policies & Master Plan part was discussed briefly. Hopefully, in our next meeting, we will have a proposal for this group, with members to join in.

Our next meeting as Public Spaces Bloc will be on Monday August 17.

Decisions and To Do Lists with Timeframe:

  • Contact the members in the Environment and Sustainable Development Bloc, which are interested in Urban Policies, to join us.
  • Have a meeting with Camille and Paula, from the National Bloc research team (Policies)
  • Set up a meeting with Pierre Feghali around Aug. 20th
  • Update the list of partners, depending on the project
  • Create a Project plan to introduce to our partners (3 projects)
  • Contact the Drive Inn Lebanon
  • Contact artists for the Art in Public Spaces project.