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200701 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of meeting - 20200701

Bloc’s Name: Public Spaces

Coordinator’s Name: Mohammad Serhan & Yasmine Dagher

Date: 1st of July 2020

Guest Speakers: None


  • Mohammad Serhan

  • Jad Esseily

  • Krystel Medawar

  • Marie-Michele Hayek

  • Abdul-Halim Jabr

  • Yasmine Dagher

  • Yasmine El-Majzoub (Online)

Summary of Meeting Minutes:

The bloc discussed the last online meeting that happened on April 14, 2020 (through Microsoft Teams). Mohammad then suggested we elect a new coordinator for the Public Spaces bloc right away, as discussed in our earlier meetings. Two candidates were presented by Mohammad: Jad Esseily and Yasmine Dagher.

The candidates decided not to vote, so that there wouldn’t be any conflict of interest.

Jad Esseily received one (1) vote, while Yasmine Dagher received three (3). One of the members decided to vote blank, since both the candidates were apt for the job.

Yasmine Dagher took over after that.

The meetings will now be on Monday, at 6 p.m, once every two weeks, at the National Bloc. The recruitment process was discussed, since there are 7 team members, and the bloc should expand.

In our last meeting, we discussed having a meeting with a lawyer, in order to understand the situation of public spaces in Lebanon, and how we could improve its conditions. We decided to have this meeting as part of the “Khallina 3a Tawassol” platform, and meet with other blocs that could help us brainstorm.

We discussed small stunts we could do, to encourage people into using public spaces. Stunts could vary between opening up the actual spaces, planting and inviting people for a gardening day, or even having a “Souk” in those spaces, using a Barter system.

Decisions and To Do Lists with Timeframe:

  • Recruit more members

  • Have a meeting with the Public Liberties bloc, as well as the Beirut Bloc

  • Jad, and a new member (Karl Ghaleb), will do a small presentation on some projects we could implement

  • Prepare a list of partners, for further collaborations (Public Works, Beirut Madinati, NAHNOO, Beirut Municipality, Habib Debs, AFD…)